This article contains the FAQs for the BN701C / BC701CCO Ninja® Professional Plus Kitchen System with Auto-iQ®.

How do I clean the unit?

Before cleaning, separate all parts.

  • Hand-Washing: Wash pitcher in warm, soapy water with a soft cloth. Wash blade assembly in warm, soapy water using a dishwashing utensil with a handle to avoid direct contact with the blades. Exercise care when handling blade assembly, as the blades are sharp. Thoroughly rinse and air-dry all parts.
  • Dishwasher: All attachments are dishwasher safe. It is recommended that the pitcher, lid, and blade assembly be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher ONLY. Ensure the blade assembly is removed from the pitcher before placing in the dishwasher. Exercise care when handling blade assembly.
  • Cleaning the Motor Base: Turn off the unit and unplug the motor base before cleaning. Wipe motor base with a clean, damp cloth. DO NOT use abrasive cloths, pads, or brushes to clean the base.
How do I turn off a program?

If using a preset program, it will start immediately and will automatically stop when blending is complete. To stop blending before the end of the program, press the currently active button again. If using a manual program, select your desired speed. Once the ingredients have reached your desired consistency, press the active button again, and wait for the unit to come to a complete stop.

What are the preset programs for the pitcher?
  • SMOOTHIE Make a batch of super-smooth, sippable drinks and shakes from fresh or frozen fruit, liquids, and ice.
  • ICE CRUSH Turn ice, juices, and fruit into expertly blended frozen drinks.
  • ICE CREAM (not available on all models) Create delicious and scoopable frozen desserts like ice cream and sorbet
What are the manual programs for the pitcher?
  • LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH When selected, each of these speeds runs continuously until turned off. They do not work in conjunction with any Auto-iQ programs.
  • PULSE Offers greater control of pulsing and blending. Operates only when PULSE is pressed. Use short presses for short pulses and long presses for long pulses.
How do I install the pitcher lid?

Place the lid on the pitcher, aligning the triangle symbol on the lid with the triangle symbol on the handle. Press down on the handle until it clicks into place. The triangle symbols MUST be aligned for the lid to lock and the unit to operate.

How do I install the pitcher on the base?

Lower the pitcher onto the motor base. The handle should be aligned slightly to the right and the pitcher should be oriented so the LOCK symbols are visible on the motor base. Rotate the pitcher clockwise until it clicks into place.

How do I remove the pitcher from the base?

To remove the pitcher from the motor base, turn the pitcher counterclockwise and then lift straight up.

How to install the stacked blade assembly in the pitcher?

Exercising care, grasp the Stacked Blade Assembly by the top of the shaft and place it onto the gear inside the pitcher. Note that the blade assembly will fit loosely onto the gear.

What is Auto-iQ?

Auto-iQ is a set of intelligent preset programs that combine unique blending and pausing patterns that do the work for you.

What is the maximum capacity of the pitcher?
  • Max liquid capacity - 64 ounces
  • Total capacity - 72 ounces
How do I remove the base from the counter?

To remove the base, grip either side of the base and lift straight up.

Which parts are dishwasher safe?

The following parts are dishwasher safe (we recommend placing all parts on the top rack of the dishwasher):

  • Total Crushing Pitcher
  • Pitcher Lid
  • Stacked Blade Assembly
How is operating wattage determined?

The maximum wattage rating for this appliance is achieved by mixing 800g dried red kidney beans with 280g honey on HIGH for 15 seconds. Other recipes may draw less power or current. The unit is NOT intended for dry blending.

The unit is not mixing ingredients/ingredients are getting stuck.

If ingredients are getting stuck on the sides of the pitcher, scrape the sides and add additional liquid if needed.

The unit does not create snow from solid ice.
  • Before creating snow, ensure the ice has not been sitting out or has started to melt in any way. Use ice straight from the freezer.
  • Make sure the pitcher is completely dry.
  • When blending, start with a few pulses, then use a continuous blending cycle.
The pitcher lid handle will not fold down.

If not attached to the pitcher, the handle will not fold down. For storage, place the lid on the pitcher and press down on the handle until it clicks into place.

Motor base won't stick to the counter.

Before sticking the base to the counter, check to make sure surface and suction feet (located on the bottom of the base) are wiped clean. Suction feet will only stick to smooth surfaces. Suction feet will not stick on some surfaces such as wood, tile, and non-polished finishes. DO NOT attempt to use unit when the motor base is stuck to a surface that is not secure (cutting board, platter, plates, etc.).

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