What is the internal capacity of the oven?

19.72 inches (L) x 7.56 inches (H) x 14.96 inches (W). - 18.57 pounds

Where is the power button located?

The power button is located on the bottom right side of the control panel.

Does the unit pause when I open the door during cooking?

No. To pause the unit, simply press the dial, which serves as the START/STOP button.

Is the air fry basket nonstick?

No. To minimize sticking, spray the air fry basket with cooking spray.

When should I use the air fry basket?

Use the Air Fry Basket when using the AIR FRY and DEHYDRATE functions to maximize air flow. Use it in conjunction with the sheet pan when cooking foods that may drip. elements.

What is the capacity of the air fry basket?

The air fry basket holds up to 4 pounds of food.

Do I have to rotate the air fry basket while cooking?

Yes. It is important to rotate your food for consistent browning and crispiness. For best results, follow the recipe or cooking chart to see how often you should rotate ingredients while cooking.

Do I need to add oil when air frying?
Is the Sheet pan nonstick?

Yes. The Sheet pan has a nonstick ceramic coating.

When do I use the Sheet pan?

Use the sheet pan for any cooking functions. Pair the sheet pan with the Air Fry basket when air frying foods that will drip, like chicken wings, steak and other marinated ingredients.

Can I use parchment paper?

Yes. Parchment paper can be used in the oven the same way that you would use it in your conventional oven. Make sure the parchment paper is not touching the interior side walls or top heating elements.

Can I use aluminum foil?

Yes. Use aluminum foil on the sheet pan or wire rack for easy cleaning after cooking. Make sure the aluminum is not touching the top heating elements. Do not wrap the crumb tray in aluminum foil.

How do I know if the unit is on?

When the unit is powered on, the digital display will light up along with all the function buttons.

What is the exterior of the unit made of?

The outside of the oven is stainless steel.

Will the outside of the unit get hot?

The outside of the oven and glass window will heat up during cooking, but the control panel and door handle will remain cool to touch.

How do I set the timer?

Press the TIME/SLICE button and use the START/STOP dial to set the time. You can change the time at any point during cooking by using the START/STOP dial.

What is the warranty?

1-year limited warranty.

How long is the power cord?

The power cord is approximately 34 inches long.

How do I clean the unit?

Everyday Cleaning:
1) Unplug the unit from the wall outlet and allow it to cool down before cleaning.
2) Empty the crumb tray by sliding it out of the oven when the oven is in the flipped-down position.
3) To clean the exterior of the main unit and the control panel, wipe clean with a damp cloth.
Deep Cleaning:
1) Unplug the unit from the wall outlet and allow it to cool down before cleaning.
2) Remove all accessories from the unit, including the crumb tray, and wash separately.
3) Flip the oven up into the storage position. 4) Press the push button to release the back door to access the oven's interior.
5) Use warm soapy water and a soft cloth to wash the oven's interior. Abrasive cleaners, scrubbing brushes, and chemical cleaners will damage the oven. NEVER put the main unit in the dishwasher or immerse it in water or any other liquid. **Note: only the Sheet Pan and Air Fry basket are dishwasher safe.
6) Thoroughly dry all parts before placing them back in the oven.

Can I adjust the cook time and/or temperature once the unit is running?

Yes, you can adjust the cook time and/or temperature at any point throughout the cooking process by pressing the TIME/SLICE and/or TEMP/DARKNESS button and using the START/PAUSE dial to adjust the time and/or temperature.

Do I need to defrost frozen foods before air frying them?

It depends on the food. Follow package instructions.

How do I store my Ninja Foodi?

1. Hold handles on each side of the unit.
2. Lift and flip oven onto its side.
3. Leave the unit in the upright position when storing.

What is the difference between the Toast and Bagel functions?

The Toast function is specifically programmed to toast bread, while the Bagel function is specifically programmed to toast bagels. Both functions have been pre-programmed to consider the thickness and standard cook times of bread, bagels, and muffins.

Why is the fan running during the Bake and Air Fry functions?

The unit's fan will automatically turn on during the Bake and Air Fry functions to keep the control panel cool to the touch during cooking.

Can I use my own pans and dishes in the oven?

Yes, as long as they are oven safe up to 500°F.

What is the wattage?

This unit is 1800 watts.

What is the difference between "HOT" on the LED display and the HOT icon (squiggly lines)?

The word HOT displays to ensure users know what the HOT squiggly icon means. You can turn off the text "HOT" message by pressing the power button, but the HOT icon will remain illuminated until the unit is safe to touch and flip up for storage.

Is it safe to put the air fry basket and sheet pan on my countertop?

Place the air fry basket and sheet pan on heat-safe surfaces only, and use caution when handling, as they will get hot during cooking.

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