This article contains the FAQs for the BG500A Series Ninja® Foodi™ Smart XL Indoor Grill.

Are the coated accessories nonstick?

Yes, the cooking pot, grill grate, and crisper basket are all nonstick and have a ceramic coating that is dishwasher safe.

Can I skip pre-heating?

While it isn't recommended for grilling, if you would like to skip the Preheat process, press the PREHEAT button.

Can I remove the basket from the unit to check on food while the unit is running?

Yes, we recommend checking on food regularly during cooking. When you open the hood, the unit will pause. Use silicone-tipped tongs to toss ingredients or oven mitts to shake the basket. When done, replace the basket and close the hood. Cooking will automatically resume after hood is closed.

Can I use aluminum foil in the Ninja Foodi Grill?

Yes, you can use aluminum foil in the Foodi Grill just as you would in an outside grill.

Can I use parchment paper in the Ninja Foodi Grill?

Yes, you can use parchment paper in the Foodi Grill.

Do I have to shake the crisper basket while cooking?

Yes. It is important to shake or rotate your food for consistent browning and crispiness. For best results, please follow the recipe or cooking chart to find out how often you should shake or rotate your ingredients while cooking.

Do I need to add oil to air crisp?

Although oil is not required, we recommend starting with one tablespoon and adjusting for personal preference, or referencing the recipe for proper oil amounts.

Do I need to defrost frozen foods before grilling?

No, you can cook all your favorite ingredients on the Foodi Grill straight from the freezer.

Do I need to let my food rest?

After grilling meat, let it rest for 3-5 minutes before cutting it. As it rests, it will retain more moisture and stay juicy.

Do I need to preheat the unit?

The unit will automatically begin preheating after the time/temperature is selected. It will take approximately 10 minutes for the unit to preheat when using the Grill function and approximately 3 minutes when using all other functions. "ADD FOOD" will display when preheating is complete. You can open the hood and add your food. Although preheating is recommended, you can skip preheat by pressing the preheat button. "ADD FOOD" will display, then you can open the hood and add your food.

Does the unit automatically pause when I open it?

Yes, the timer will automatically pause when the hood is opened and then automatically resume after it is closed.

How do I clean my unit using the dishwasher?

The unit should be cleaned thoroughly after every use. Always let the appliance cool before cleaning.
- Unplug the unit from the wall outlet before cleaning. Keep the hood open after removing your food to allow the unit to cool quicker.
- The cooking pot, grill grate, crisper basket, splatter shield, cleaning brush, and any other included accessories are dishwasher safe.
- If food residue or grease are stuck on the grill grate, splatter shield, or any other removable part, soak in warm soapy water before cleaning.
- For the best dishwasher cleaning results, we recommend rinsing the grill grate, crisper basket, splatter shield, and any other accessories with warm water before placing them in the dishwasher.
- DO NOT wash the main unit in the dishwasher.

How do I clean the splatter shield?

We recommend the following:
- Clean the splatter shield after every use. Soaking the splatter shield overnight will help soften the baked-on grease. After soaking, use the cleaning brush to remove the grease from the stainless-steel frame and front tabs.
- Deep clean the splatter shield by putting it in a pot of water and boiling it for 10 minutes. Then, rinse with room temperature water and allow to dry completely. Over time, the splatter shield may discolor as grease burns onto it. This will not affect the performance of the splatter shield.

How do I develop char on my food?

Here are a few tips to develop char on your grilled foods:
- Make sure your grill is preheated before placing food in the unit. Preheating the grill ensures it is hot enough to create char.
- Ensure the grilling temperature for your food is the proper temperature. You can find recommended grill temperatures for different food types are in the instruction booklet.
- Let your food cook long enough to develop char.
- Make sure you have applied enough rub or seasoning to your food. We recommend using a low-density, coarse ground kosher salt rub. This allows you to season liberally without over-salting, and results in a better char.

How do I install and remove the splatter shield?

To install, insert the splatter shield so the grooves on the splatter shield ring match those of the fixed heat shield ring notch on the right. Then gently push the splatter shield upward until it clicks into the tab on the left side. Remove the splatter shield for cleaning after every use. Once the splatter shield has cooled completely, remove it by pushing the upper left tab toward the back of the hood. This will release the splatter shield, allowing you to remove it.

How do I know if the unit is on?

When the unit is powered on, the digital display will show 0:00 and all of the function lights will be illuminated.

How do I pause the countdown timer?

The countdown timer will pause automatically when you open the hood of the unit. Please note that pressing the START/STOP button during cooking will cancel the current cooking function.

How do I set the temperature?

Use the up and down arrows to the left to adjust the cook temperature in any function. If you want to adjust the temperature at any time during cooking, press the up and down arrows to the left at any time. The unit will then resume cooking at that setting.

How do I set the timer?

Use the up and down TIME arrows to adjust the cook time in any function. If you want to adjust the time during cooking, press the up and down TIME arrows at any time. The unit will then resume at those settings.

Is the crisper basket or pot safe to put on my countertop?

Place the crisper basket and pot on heat-safe surfaces only and use caution when handling, as they both will become hot during cooking.

Should I place ingredients in the unit before or after preheating?

For best results, add ingredients after the unit has preheated. The display will read "ADD FOOD" when the unit is preheated.

What do the different cooking functions do?

- Grill: Grill your foods indoors to create even char, grill marks, and flavor.
- Air Crisp: Give your food crispiness and crunch with little to no oil.
- Roast: Prepare tender meats, roasted vegetables, and more in the cooking pot.
- Bake: Create cakes, baked treats, and more.
- Dehydrate (not included in all models): Dehydrate meats, fruits, and vegetables for healthy snacks.
- Broil: Add a crispy finishing touch to meals or melt cheese on sandwiches.

What is batch grilling?

Batch grilling is when you grill more than two consecutive batches of food. It is recommended that you empty the fat/oil from the removable cooking pot between batches. It is also HIGHLY recommended to clean the splatter shield in between uses. This will help prevent grease from burning and causing smoke.

What is the capacity of the cooking pot?

The Foodi Grill's cooking pot can hold up to 6 quarts.

What is the capacity of the crisper basket?

The Foodi Grill's crisping basket can hold up to 4 quarts.

What is the capacity of the grill grate?

The grill grate is approximately 9"x12" and can hold 6 burgers.

What is the temperature range for each function?

The temperature range varies depending on the function:
-Air Crisp: 300F-450F
-Roast: 250F-425F
-Dehydrate (not included in all models): 105F-195F
-Bake: 250F-400F
-Grill: 400F-510F (LO-MAX)
-Broil: 450F-500F

What type of oil should I use while grilling?

We recommend using one of the following oils when grilling:
-Refined coconut

We DO NOT recommend using the following oils when grilling:

What types of food should I cook using the different grill cooking temperatures?

-Low (400F) – Bacon and Sausages, or when using thick BBQ Sauces
-Medium (450F) – Frozen meats and marinated/sauced meats
-High (500F) - Steaks, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, and meat kebabs
-Max (510F) - Veggies, fruit, fresh and frozen seafood, pizzas, and vegetable kebabs

When should I use the grill grate?

When cooking with the Grill function you should always use the grill grate, as it promotes optimal airflow for even cooking, crisping, and charring.

When should I use the splatter shield?

ALWAYS ensure the splatter shield is installed when cooking. Failure to use the splatter shield will result in oil buildup on the heating element, which can cause smoking. It's located on the underside of the hood; the splatter shield keeps the heating element clean.

Where is the power button located?

The power button is located on the left side of the control panel. It will illuminate once plugged in.

Why did a circuit breaker trip while using the unit?

The unit uses 1760 watts of power, so it must be plugged into an outlet on a 15-amp circuit breaker. Using an outlet on a 10-amp breaker may cause the breaker to trip. It is also important that the unit be the only appliance plugged into an outlet when in use. To avoid tripping a breaker, make sure the unit is the only appliance plugged into an outlet on a 15-amp breaker.

Why is the unit emitting smoke?

When using the Grill function, always select the recommended temperature setting. Temperature should be adjusted depending on oil used, in addition to food type. Recommended settings can be found in the Quick Start Guide and Inspiration Guide. Make sure the splatter shield is installed.

Why is the unit taking so long to preheat?

Preheat times may vary depending on the voltage provided by your outlet. Another reason the unit may still be preheating, is if you add food to the grill before preheating is complete. Make sure to add food only when preheating is complete, and the unit displays "ADD FOOD".

Will the outside of the unit get hot?

Although the outside of the unit will heat up during cooking, the control panel and hood handle will remain cool to touch.

The cooking pot doesn't fit in the unit.

Please make sure you are placing the cooking pot in the unit so the indent on the pot is aligned with the bump on the front of the main unit.

What are the interior dimensions?

The inner product dimensions (usable cooking space): 12in. W x 9in. D x 2.5in. H.

Is it safe to use my unit with a 2 or 3 prong plug?

Yes, the unit is compatible with both a two and a three-prong plug.

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