This article contains the FAQs for the FD300 Series Ninja® Foodi® Pro Pressure Cooker.

What do the different cooking functions do?

- Pressure: Cook food quickly while maintaining tenderness. - Steam: Gently cook delicate foods at a high temperature. - Slow Cook: Cook food at a lower temperature for a longer period of time. - Yogurt: Produce creamy homemade yogurt. - Sear/Saute: Use the unit as a stovetop for browning meats, sauteing veggies, simmering sauces, and more. - Sous Vide: French for "under vacuum," this function slow cooks food sealed in a plastic bag in an accurately regulated low-temperature water bath. - Air Crisp: Give foods crispiness and crunch with little to no oil. - Bake/Roast: Use the unit like an oven for tender meats, baked treats, and more. - Broil: Caramelize and brown your food. - Dehydrate: Dehydrate meats, fruits, and vegetables for healthy snacks.

What is Keep Warm mode?

After pressure cooking, steaming, or slow cooking, the unit will automatically switch to Keep Warm mode and start counting up. Keep Warm will stay on for 12 hours, or you may press KEEP WARM to turn it off. Keep Warm mode is not intended to warm food from a cold state but to keep it warm at a food safe temperature after cooking is complete.

Will the outside of the unit get hot?

The outside of the unit and stainless steel surface on the pressure lid will get hot during cooking, but the control panel, exterior handles, and handles on the pressure and crisping lids will remain safe to touch at any time during cooking.

Can I move the unit after pressure cooking has started?

No, once pressure cooking has started, we do not recommend moving the unit.

Can I open the pressure lid at any time during cooking?

No, as the unit builds pressure, the float valve will rise, and the lid will lock as a safety measure. It will not unlock until pressure is released and the float valve drops down, signaling it is safe to open the lid.

Can I use a vacuum seal bag?

Yes, you can use a vacuum seal bag or ziploc bag if you remove as much air as possible prior to submerging the bag in water.

Do I have to let the unit preheat before I use the Air Crisp function?

Preheating is recommended for best results. To preheat, simply add 5 minutes to the cook time and allow the unit to come up to temperature before adding ingredients.

Does the crisping lid detach from the unit?

No, the crisping lid does not detach from the unit.

How do I clean the unit?

Follow these steps to clean the unit thoroughly after every use: 1. Unplug the unit from the wall outlet before cleaning. 2. To clean the cooker base and control panel, wipe them with a damp cloth. NEVER put the cooker base in the dishwasher or immerse it in water or any other liquid. 3. The pressure lid and all its components, cooking pot, silicone ring, Cook & Crisp plate, and condensation collector can be washed in the dishwasher. DO NOT take apart the pressure release valve or float valve assembly. 4. To clean the crisping lid, wipe it down with a wet cloth or paper towel after the heat shield cools. 5. If food residue is stuck on the cooking pot, reversible rack, or Cook & Crisp Basket, fill the sink with warm, soapy water and allow to soak before cleaning. DO NOT use scouring pads. If scrubbing is necessary, use a non"abrasive cleanser or liquid dish soap with a nylon pad or brush. 6. Thoroughly air dry all parts after washing. 7. Broil rack is hand-wash ONLY

How do I know what accessories are safe to use in my Foodi?

Accessories designed especially for use in the Foodi are available for purchase at (DO NOT use accessory attachments not recommended or sold by SharkNinja.

How do I start a cook function?

To select a cooking function, simply press the button for the function you would like to use. Use the up and down TEMP arrows to the right of the digital display to adjust the cook temperature and/or pressure level. Press the up and down TIME arrows to the right of the digital display to adjust the cook time. Press START/STOP to begin cooking.

How do I use a zip lock bag to sous vide?

When placing bags with food into the water, leave a corner of the bag open to force as much air out of the bag as possible. Before completely submerging the bag in the water, ensure the open corner has been fully sealed.

How many watts is the unit?

1460 watts

Is the cooking pot nonstick?

The cooking pot is made of aluminum with a nonstick ceramic coating that is FDA approved and food safe. This coating is also PTFE free.

Is there another step after Sous Vide is done?

Yes, advise you to use sear/saute function or pan searing.

Sous Vide: Can I cook more than one meat or fish at a time?

Yes, please reference IG for portion size guidance.

Sous Vide: Why is my water temperature lower than the set point after preheating is done?

Preheating for Sous Vide is designed for the water to be at the optimal temp when food is added. The unit will adjust temp after the food is added to ensure the cooking environment is at the unit set point.

What are the different cooking lids used for?

The two lids allow you to seamlessly transition between all your favorite cooking methods. Use the pressure lid to tenderize, then use the crisping lid to add a crispy finish. When the pressure lid is installed, you can use any of the following functions: - Pressure - Steam - Slow Cook - Yogurt - Sear/Saute - Sous Vide When the hinged crisping lid is closed, you can use any of the following functions: - Air Crisp - Bake/Roast - Broil - Dehydrate

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