No, the Nutri Ninja is not recommended to blend hot ingredients.

The Nutri Ninja cups are designed to be taken on the go and fit in most standard car cup holders.

For easy storage, the cord can wind up manually underneath the machine.

1. Separate/remove all parts from each other. 2. Clean the motor base with a damp cloth and wipe dry. 3. Place jars in the dishwasher. Place the lids and attachments on the top rack. Use caution when handling the blade assemblies as the blades are very sharp. NOTE: If you do not have a dishwasher, fill the container halfway with water and squirt a bit of dish soap in there. Assemble again and pulse a few times. Your container and blades will now be covered in soapy water and gone through an intense spin cycle. Rinse and let dry before using again.

The cord is 36 inches or 3' feet.

900 Watts

The only difference between BL45X and BL45X DOB TS and FAQ is the cup/motor base assembly. Instead of twisting cup to lock onto motor base, users now only align tabs " no twisting needed.

Stainless Steel

Visit to find these recipes and more! The Nutri Ninja cookbook can be purchased online as well!

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