This article contains the FAQs for the PS100 Series Ninja® Ultra Prep™. This supports the following product SKUs PS100, PS101 and PS101A.

What is included with this unit?

Your unit will include the following: 48 oz. jar, Total Crushing & Power Chopping Blade, High-Speed Blade, Dough Blade, Power Pod, Power Pod Cleaning Brush, Splash Guard Lid and Blade Storage Solution

How much does the pitcher hold?

The pitcher holds up to 48 ounces.

How do I turn on the unit?

Plug the unit into a wall outlet to turn on the power. To activate the unit, press the top of the power pod.

Where is the power button located?

There's no ON/OFF button; power will run to the unit automatically when it's plugged in. To activate the blades, press the top of the power pod.

Does the unit operate at different speeds?

Yes. The power pod will automatically adjust speeds based on the blade that is installed in the pitcher. The high-speed blade rotates faster than the other blades, producing a finer consistency. The Total Crushing & Power Chopping Blade will coarsely or finely chop ingredients for a thick puree or salsa. The dough blade will mix and combine ingredients into a dough or batter.

Is there a splash guard included?

Yes. The splash guard is part of the lid.

Can I blend frozen ingredients?

Yes, you can use the Total Crushing & Power Chopping Blade or high-speed blade to blend your favorite frozen ingredients.

Can I blend hot ingredients?

No. Blending hot ingredients can cause an excessive amount of pressure to build up, resulting in the risk of being burned.

Can I make snow in this unit?

Yes. To create snow, use ice straight from the freezer. Do not use ice that has been sitting out or that has started to melt. After the unit is assembled and ice is added to the pitcher, use short pulses to break up large pieces, then continue processing until the ice reaches a snowy consistency.

Can I use an extension cord to run my unit?

No. We do not recommend using an extension cord.

Does this unit make juice?

While the unit is not a juicer specifically, you can blend fruits and veggies to liquefy into a beverage with an ultra-smooth consistency. The thickness of your drink is dependent on how much liquid you add to your ingredients.

Can I make dough in this unit?

Yes, you can make up to one pound of dough in the unit.

Can this unit grind meats?

Yes. To grind meat in your unit, cut the meat into 1-inch pieces. Using the Total Crushing & Power Chopping Blade, pulse 3 times and then chop continuously for 30 seconds.

How long is the power cord?

The power cord is approximately 35 inches long.

Does the plug have 2 prongs or 3 prongs?

This unit has a polarized plug with 2 prongs.

What do you use the high-speed blade for?

The high-speed blade is best used for creating smooth purees, dressings, and smoothies with ultra-fine consistency.

What do you use the Total Crushing & Power Chopping Blade for?

The Total Crushing & Power Chopping Blade is best used for chopping and crushing. Use the Total Crushing & Power Chopping Blade to create a coarse or fine chop, turn ice to snow, or to make a textured puree.

What do you use the dough blade for?

The dough blade is best at mixing doughs and batters.

Are the parts dishwasher safe?

The pitcher, splash guard lid, and blades are all top-rack dishwasher safe. Use a damp cloth to wipe the power pod as needed. Pay close attention to the area where the blades are inserted into the power pod. Clean after every use to ensure food does not build up.

Can the blades be sharpened?

No. If you feel as though your blades are not sharp enough, you can order replacement parts.

How do I clean the blades?

Very carefully place the blades on the top rack of the dishwasher or hand-wash them in warm, soapy water. For safety, hold the blade by the shaft, and use a cleaning tool with a long handle to ensure you do not come in contact with blades.

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