This article contains the Troubleshooting Guide for the BL480 Series Nutri Ninja® Auto-iQ®. This supports the following SKUs: BL480, BL480BRN, BL480C, BL480CCO, BL480D, BL480DBRN, BL480Q, BL480QBLK, BL480QCNM, BL480QPL, BL480QRG, BL480QTRQ, BL480W, BL481, BL481C, BL482, BL482A, BL482BRN, BL482Q, BL482QAQ, BL482QBL, BL482QGN, BL482QO, BL482QPK, BL482QPL, BL482QPR, BL482QR, BL482QWH, BL482QY, BL482Z, BL483, BL485, BL486CCO, BL486CO, BL487, BL487A, BL487QCP, BL487QH, BL487QPL, BL487QPM, BL487QSB, BL487QVR, BL487QWB, BL487T and BL488W.

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